Results 2020 3A Girls

Abbotsford Senior

Okanagan Mission

Top 10 Teams

  1. Abbotsford Senior
  2. Okanagan Mission
  3. Argyle
  4. R.A. McMath
  5. South Kamloops
  6. M.E.I.
  7. Duchess Park
  8. Valleyview
  9. G.W. Graham
  10. Vernon

Most Valuable Player
Marin Lenz, Abbotsford Senior

Most Outstanding Defensive Player
Lily Pink, Okanagan Mission

Championship Player of the Game
Marin Lenz, Abbotsford Senior

Most Sportsmanlike Team

First Team All-Stars
Lily Pink, Okanagan Mission
Malia Lenz, Abbotsford Senior
Devon Felt, Okanagan Mission
Lakresha Edwards, Abbotsford Senior
Liz Kennedy, R.A. McMath

Second Team All-Stars
Makenna Jacklin, Okanagan Mission
Marina Radocaj, R.A. McMath
Tatum Wade, Okanagan Mission
Holly Brewer,Argyle
Kendra McDonald, South Kamloops