Results 2023 3A Boys


St. Patrick Celtics 


Dover Bay Dolphins 

Final Standings

1. St. Patrick
2. Dover Bay
3. Lord Byng
4. North Delta
5. M.E.I.
6. .Byrne Creek
7. Argyle
8. College Heights
9. Steveston-London

Most Valuable Player

Irish Coquia, St. Patrick 

Best Defensive Player

Spencer Tatlock, M.E.I. 

Championship Player of the Game

Jovin Sunner, St. Patrick 

Most Sportsmanlike Team

North Delta Huskies 

First Team All-Stars

Kaden Carrion, St. Patrick
Gabe Vig, M.E.I.
Dylan King, Lord Byng
Harvir Hothi, North Delta
Luke Linder, Dover Bay

Second Team All-Stars

Atawa Baraba, Byrne Creek
Kaden Nelson, Steveston-London
Frank Linder, Dover Bay
Gavin Archer, Argyle
Gaurev Bains, College Heights